3D Review of Materials Compliancy Data

V6R2012x release
ENOVIA 3DLive* can highlight materials compliancy issues in 3D as part of the collaborative review process to ensure early detection and resolution.
  • The ENOVIA 3DLive client can now be configured by an admin to include a compass quadrant devoted to materials compliance
  • The user can select the compliance definition to be displayed and the representation of the part in ENOVIA 3DLive will be colored to reflect the compliance value
  • The hover capability can also be used to view textual information regarding compliance, including any part compliance exemption information
(*) This capability is only available to the ENOVIA 3DLive user if they are also licensed ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central (MCC), ENOVIA X-BOM for Materials Compliance (XMC), or ENOVIA Materials Compliance Experience (MCX)

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