Improved Data Management User Experience for Pro/ENGINEER

ENOVIA Collaborative Design for Pro/ENGINEER provides all data management capabilities in the context of the native Pro/ENGINEER user interface for improved designer productivity and ease-of-use. It includes:
  • Immersive "PLM Status" dialog shows lifecycle, lock and current/last revision information
  • Selectively update in-session designs after validating differences with stored designs in ENOVIA
  • Encourage more frequent updates to ENOVIA with:
  • "Save Active" saves changes immediately after modifications of active in-session design
  • "Save All" saves changes to all in-session designs before ending CAD session
  • "Quick Save" is a way to periodically save changes of active design to ENOVIA based on default setting without additional dialogs or mouse clicks
  • Enhanced handling of Family Tables/Instances for better performance and user understanding
  • Synchronize local checkout directory to the user's Pro/ENGINEER default working directory

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