Small & Mid-size Enterprises

The mid-market prefers solutions that are targeted to solve their business-issues immediately. Small and mid-sized enterprises are looking for products that support their business processes in order to achieve a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). At ENOVIA, we are geared to handle the specific business challenges facing mid-sized companies who are looking to adopt PLM solutions.


ENOVIA: Driving PLM Adoption for Small & Mid-size Enterprises

Although mid-sized enterprises share similar needs as larger companies and understand the importance of PLM, they have certain concerns about implementing PLM, including limited IT resources for services and training; resistance to changes to standard operating procedures (SOPs); unknown total costs and disruption to users’ daily work.

For several years, ENOVIA has been targeting their solutions to mid-sized enterprises by:

  • Taking into account your financial and capability needs – with out-of-the-box Express offerings that are quick to implement and easy to learn– not a scaled-down version of a larger solution.
  • Growing as you go – with an unmatched breadth of solutions with our robust PLM product portfolio for Auto and Aero, to IE, High-Tech, Medical devices and more.
  • Leveraging field-proven expertise – with over 13 years in the mid-market and over 6000 customers worldwide.
  • Addressing all PLM needs at all stages – with core SmarTeam products for collaborative Product Data Management (cPDM) and full PLM, from concept to manufacturing, ideal for design, engineering and enterprise scopes.
  • Enabling rapid ROI, low TCO – with full flexibility for adapting to an organization’s way of doing business and enabling a low total cost of ownership.
  • Delivering worldwide distribution & support network – contact us for a representative in your geographical area.


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