Mold Machining

Simulation at the Heart of Programming

Are you looking to decrease mold development time?

DELMIA’s High Tech Mold Machining solution can drastically reduce NC programming time through automation of the machining process.

Simulation at the Heart of Programming

DELMIA’s High Tech Mold Machining solution maximizes revenue and grows market share with DELMIA’s Machining solution that enables contract manufacturers to efficiently program their machines and effectively manage the life cycle of the programs and processes including machine molds.

DELMIA's Milling Machining offers “Best in class” surface machining quality and ensures collision free tool paths. This includes the latest techniques to cut complex molds in hard material to optimize tool paths and tool life. DELMIA Machining enables contract manufacturers to program, simulate and optimize their machining processes through tight integration of best-in-class tool path programming with machine tool simulation. NC programmers can identify and resolve errors in tool paths earlier and reduce programming lead times.

  • Simulation - Program machines smarter and faster directly in a 3D lifelike simulation and mitigate the risk of production
  • Collaboration - Enable cross-discipline collaboration throughout your extended enterprise and increase the value of machine programming knowledge
  • Impact Analysis - Make cost effective decisions with detailed “impact analysis” for engineering and manufacturing changes

DELMIA High Tech Mold Machining Users:

  • NC Programmers