Delivering Optimized Robotics Programs to the Shop Floor

Robotics enables robot programmers to simulate and validate robot tasks.  Programmers are able to perform reachability studies, interlock analysis and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the shop floor. Robot programmers can also create, simulate and validate robots in the context of all manufacturing environments. Robotics will enable workcells to be planned with accuracy to design and optimize with greater efficiency. Through the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, robot programmers are delivered a groundbreaking user experience in robotics.

Key benefits

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Fast, simple robotic workcell layout
  • Early discovery and resolution of design for manufacturing issues
  • Concurrent robot simulation
  • Improved collaboration between robot programmers and designers
  • Creation, simulation and validation of robot tasks in the manufacturing context
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  • Shop Floor Equipment Engineer

    Create Virtual Models of Manufacturing Equipment

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  • Shop Floor Equipment Simulation Engineer

    Simulate and Validate Mechanical Device Behavior

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  • Robotics Simulation Engineer

    Simulate and Validate Industrial Robot Behavior

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  • Robotics Programmer

    Simulate, Import and Export Robot Programs

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  • Robotics Spot Simulation Engineer

    Create and Simulate Robotic Workcells with Spot Welding and Drilling & Riveting Capabilites

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  • Robotics Spot Programmer

    Simulate, Import and Export Robot Spot Welding and Drill & Rivet Programs

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  • Robotics Arc Welding Simulation Engineer

    Simulate Arc Welding Robots

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  • Robotics Arc Welding ProgrammER

    Simulate, Import and Export  Robot Arc Welding Programs

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  • Robotics Native Program Validation Specialist

    Simulate Robot Behavior using Native Robot Controller Software

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