Car Design Ergonomist

Car Design Ergonomist lets designers identify driver and passenger ergonomics issues early in the design process to avoid costly, time-consuming changes later on.

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With Car Design Ergonomist, designers can predict safety and performance, scoring whole-body and segment postures in the context of a car design.  This analysis can be extended to multiple populations by modifying the anthropometric definition of the passengers and drivers.

Using 3D manikins, designers can simulate the way humans interact with seats, spaces and controls in a vehicle under design. Car Design Ergonomist makes it possible to predict posture and access to key vehicle functions for specific populations selected from a database.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Effectively predict occupant posture with virtual manikins

  • Detect potential for work-related injuries in the design process

  • Cut costs and avoid design errors by spotting occupancy issues early

  • Raise and share the posture of the manikins across design disciplines