Stadler Rail Group

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The Stadler Rail Group is driving at full throttle down the road to success. The Swiss company, with its headquarters in Bussnang, delivers regional railways, tramways and rack railways precisely tailored to customer needs. Annual turnover has increased from 4.5 million Swiss francs in 1990 to an estimated 750 million in 2006. At the same time, Stadler acquired additional companies in Switzerland and Germany and opened a new site in Budapest. Currently Stadler is building a new plant in Poland, which will bring the total number of employees worldwide to 2,000.


As a rapidly expanding manufacturer of customer-specific trains and tracks, the Stadler Rail Group required a stable IT infrastructure so that several sites could collaborate on the same projects.

To meet as-yet unreleased crashworthiness standards for their latest GTW articulated rail cars.


In order to implement a collaborative environment and create synergy between the CAD environment and the PDM system, Stadler Rail chose CATIA V5 and SmarTeam Multi-site. Engineers validated the new crash module design through a combination of dynamic physical testing and simulations in Abaqus finite element analysis software from SIMULIA.


With SmarTeam Multi-site, Stadler Rail can exchange virtual product assemblies five times faster than before and simultaneously increase availability and accessibility of product data. Abaqus simulation results correlated well with physical dynamic tests. Stadler Rail reach its goal to improve overall compressive strength and in record timing.