Abaqus 6.12 Supported Platforms & Products

Data published before the final release are preliminary and may not be consistent with the final release. Availability dates are listed below.

6.12-1  May 4, 2012


For information on Abaqus products, select ProductsSIMULIAPortfolioAbaqus at www.3ds.com. Abaqus products are supported on the following platforms, except where otherwise noted:

  • Windows/x86-32
  • Windows/x86-641
  • Linux x86-642,3

Abaqus 6.12 products, license servers, and documentation servers are not supported on the Linux/Itanium and AIX/Power platforms.



  1. See Support for Distributed Memory Parallel Analyses on Windows Platforms for more information about DMP on Windows/x86-64
  2. Abaqus CAD Associative Interfaces (CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, and Solidworks), and fe-Safe/Composites are not supported on the Linux/x86-64 platform.
  3. On the Linux/x86-64 platform, Abaqus Interactive Products (CAE and Viewer) require GLX/OpenGL.