Abaqus 6.11 Supported Platforms & Products

  • Data published before the final release are preliminary and may not be consistent with the final release.
  • Availability dates are listed below.

6.11-1  July 5, 2011
6.11-2  September 2, 2011



x86-32 2
x86-64 3
x86-64 3
Itanium 5
Power 5


Abaqus Interactive Products CAE








Abaqus Analysis Products Standard 1





Abaqus Interface Products Interface for Moldflow

Interface for MSC. ADAMS


Add on Analysis Products Abaqus/AMS




Abaqus CAD Associative Interfaces CATIA V5 R18, R19 & R20




Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 4 & 5




Solidworks 2010 & 2011




Abaqus CAD Translators CATIA V4



Parasolid V7-V18



Abaqus Infrastructure License Server

Documentation Server



  • Abaqus Interactive and Analysis products use 64-bit addressing, unless noted otherwise.
  • Abaqus/Standard uses double floating point precision; Abaqus/Explicit offers both single and double floating point precision. Abaqus/CAE and Abaqus/Viewer use single floating point precision.
  • MPI based parallel execution of Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit is available on all supported platforms except Windows/x86-32, which supports thread based shared memory parallel execution.
  • See Support for Distributed Memory Parallel Analyses on Windows Platforms for more information about DMP on Windows/x86-64
  1. Includes Abaqus/Foundation as well as Abaqus/Aqua and Abaqus/Design.
  2. Includes Intel Pentium and Xeon, and AMD Athlon processors and uses 32-bit memory addressing.
  3. Includes AMD Opteron and Intel EM64T processors.
  4. GLX/OpenGL required
  5. Abaqus 6.11 will only be available on a limited distribution basis on the Linux/Itanium and AIX/Power platform. Support for these platforms is expected to be discontinued in a subsequent release. These platforms will not be available on the Abaqus distribution media, but will be downloadable on request through your local SIMULIA support office. See SIMULIA Policy on Limited Distribution Software for more details on limited distribution status.
  6. Iterative Solver is not supported on this platform