Test Configurations for Abaqus 2021 Products

To view the platform configurations used to qualify Abaqus, click the tabs below. Configuration details are listed by operating system. Explanations of the table contents and terminology are provided after the tables.

Headings for each test configuration list the operating system level and target Abaqus release. All test configurations for a particular platform are supported using the same Abaqus software build. Given the large number of possible configuration permutations, even for a single platform, SIMULIA tests only a sample of the possible configurations. Test configurations listed here represent the Abaqus configurations which have undergone, or are scheduled for, formal qualification testing. See the Program Directories -> Prerequisites -> Support Policy for Operating Systems for information on qualified, validated, and compatible platforms.

The records contain details of system configurations used during formal testing. The date listed in the individual system configuration records indicates the date the system configuration was recorded, not the date of qualification. The output includes the processor specification and the number of processors and other system parameters such as graphics details (if applicable), the amount of physical and virtual memory, and file system details.

Final configurations depend on successful testing outcomes. Supported platforms and configurations are subject to change without notice.