Scientific Research & Development

Driving innovation across the product lifecycle by bridging the virtual and the real

Scientific R&D for Next-Gen Innovation

Human progress, wellbeing and health depend on innovation. With an increasing and aging population, global complexities, sustainability demands and customer expectations, innovation cannot be fast enough. Organizations are looking to transform by leveraging new technology. Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning with molecular modeling & simulation and advanced laboratory informatics allows scientists to bridge the virtual and the real. Breakthrough discoveries across industries and disciplines are more accessible than ever.

Better Science, More Insights

Being able to deliver deep scientific capabilities along with decades of expertise, Dassault Systèmes is uniquely poised to help transform how innovation is done today. Digital technologies on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allow laboratories to innovate better and faster. In silico methods like molecular modeling and simulation accelerate and improve research outcomes.


Data analysis and machine learning applied to scientific data provide deeper insights and smarter decision-making. Together we can change the way how the scientific community is working today and in the future.

Scientific R&D solutions on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform transform scientific innovation

Molecular Modeling & Simulation

Combine advanced virtual models with real data enables scientists to discover new therapeutics or materials and drive more efficient research and development processes.

Scientific Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Transform scientific data into actionable intelligence for decision making using custom data processing without code writing

Next-Gen Laboratory Informatics

Empower researchers to capture and share data, ideate and operate efficiently increasing productivity, collaborating and complying with regulations

A game changer for business and innovation


All aspects of your business on a single platform for increased collaboration, best execution and accelerated innovation.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the Cloud

Harness the power of the cloud to bring your ideas to life. Break free from IT constraints and connect all aspects of your business on a single cloud-based platform. Innovation’s never been so easy.

Customer Stories

How Companies are Using our Scientific Research & Development Solutions

Customer Story | Medical Device

Meta Biomed

Digitalized R&D in the Cloud 

Korean health and medical materials and devices manufacturer Meta Biomed made the transition from paper to digital, moving all data to a centralized database using the Dassault Systèmes Scientific Research & Development solutions. All stakeholders including management now have a complete overview of the company’s operations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is not only a reliable cloudbased solution but is also the foundation for Meta Biomed’s digital transformation.

Meta Biomed chen
Yeon Chun Yoo
Vice President, Meta Biomed

BIOVIA | Model the Biosphere

Our brand, BIOVIA, provides the solutions to discover, design, develop and deliver innovative drugs, materials, and formulas