Protecting Hospital Staff and Patients

Simulation to Create Safe Medical Environment

In the context of the pandemic, creating safe environments for treatment of patients and well-being of medical staff is front and foremost. This pandemic has taught us that our medical infrastructures were not ready, and more can be done to ensure best-in class Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in our hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes.

After many changes in direction, the WHO and other organizations have acknowledged the importance of airborne contagion for the transmission of COVID-19 from aerosols, i.e. droplets exhaled by infected people less than 5 microns in diameter. In any closed environments (hospitals, etc), the concentrations in contaminants can increase due to an improper design of the ventilation/HVAC systems or large recirculation areas typically present to improve thermal comfort. We have seen this many times in our extensive projects with hospitals in France (especially in Paris) and China. The bigger risk is for patients and medical staff to get infected from visiting patients due to poor airflow design.

SIMULIA CFD/Fluid solutions are best-in class for the accurate prediction of droplet transport by airflow. Our solutions can reveal the invisible, helping us at assessing any potential increased risk of contagion, devising strategies to minimize such risks (HVAC system configurations, air purifiers, filters, or simple natural ventilation) and communicating the safer outcomes via high quality rendered animations powered by science.

Simulate Viruses and Particles in Hospitals

During the first wave of the COVID pandemic crisis, SIMULIA teams put their tools and expertise for the good of hospitals.

Watch this presentation to find out how our best-in-class CFD softwares were able to help visualize the behavior of the air inside a building or a hospital, simulate the particles emitting by a contaminated patient while coughing and find easy and pragmatic risk mitigation measures.

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