Oct 08 1997


Safework Inc. a subsidiary of Genicom Consultants Inc. ("Safework") is pleased to announce that the advanced Safework human modeling system was used by Boeing in the new digital design of the next-generation 737 aircraft.

MONTREAL, October 8, 1997--Safework mannequins are well known for their accuracy in representing virtual human beings in various environments. The Safework system has 103 anthropometric variables and 148 degrees of freedom. Other key features include: fully articulated spine and hand models, direct and inverse kinematics, multi-variant and boundary mannequin approaches, vision module, collision detection, animation and postural analysis.

Boeing has being using Safework at various locations since 1992. Boeing also uses CATIA, a leading computer-aided design and manufacturing software. In November 1996, Safework Inc. and Dassault Systemes announced the signing of a CATIA Application Architecture (CAA) Strategic Development Partnership Agreement in which Safework will develop the most advanced and competitive CAA applications featuring the Safework human modeling system and CATIA Digital Mock-up and Digital Manufacturing solutions.

The next-generation 737 includes the 600, 700 and 800 models. These aircraft which incorporate the heritage of the 737 will provide for lower operating costs and faster flight times.