Sep 07 2010

Ovum Finds Exalead CloudView™ to be Next Generation Search and Information Access Platform

Exalead CloudView best for search-based applications and business intelligence.

Exalead, the leading provider of search-based application platforms, today announced the findings of the Ovum group's technology audit of Exalead CloudView 5.0. Ovum, a leading provider of research, analysis and consulting in technology and telecom business sectors, finds Exalead CloudView 5.0 to be a highly scalable, high performance SOA search platform for search-based application and SQL-less analytics. Ovum states that the offering’s scalable service-oriented architecture provides advanced data-extraction, indexation, and text-analytics features that are suited to a wide range of usage scenarios, including web facing sites and enterprise search.

Ovum notes that some organizations have reached the limitations of their preferred RDBMS for information access. A remedy proposed by Ovum is the consideration of the possibilities afforded by search-based applications, particularly when huge amounts of structured and unstructured data are involved.

Ovum further advises that organizations seeking to exploit social applications, whether internal or external, should also assess the capabilities of CloudView because this information could well provide new kinds of business intelligence.

"Current deployments where CloudView is used for unified information presentation, reporting, and search, illustrate the fact that the product is relevant for organizations that are evaluating innovative uses of search technology," states Mike Davis, Senior Analyst, Ovum.

A broad range of search-based applications have been built using Exalead CloudView, including customer self-service web sites, B2B and B2C e-commerce, customer intelligence, supply chain logistics information, R&D collaboration, project management and e-discovery. Exalead's search-based application platform enables organizations to build purposeful, strategic information applications that directly enhance internal productivity and value to customers.

"Ovum's conclusions certainly mirror the feedback we receive from our customers," notes Raymond Bentnick, Managing Director, Exalead UK. "By providing direct business value from strategic search-based applications, we can directly impact an organization’s profitability."

To learn more, we invite you to download the complete Ovum technology audit for Exalead CloudView 5.0.