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Michel Desjoyeaux's Challenge

Passion for Innovation at Dassault Systèmes

3D Khufu

Four years ago, in its spirit of constant innovation as always, Dassault Systèmes set up its Passion for Innovation program, which helps promoters of innovative projects make their dreams come true with the aid of 3D solutions. Anything is possible in this program: like modeling and validating by simulation a revolutionary theory regarding the construction of the Great Pyramid and bringing the construction site to life in real-time 3D (and in relief) in the giant dome of the Géode. The goal of Passion for Innovation is to take up the wildest technical challenges and the most wonderful of human adventure.

CATIA software - 60 ft monohull

Drawn to Team Foncia’s challenge, Dassault Systèmes welcomed Michel Desjoyeaux and his team in this program. The Mer Forte engineers received all the tools they needed, suitable training, and the support of the Dassault Systèmes teams for this “real-time” design challenge, resulting in the birth of the new 60-footer in a very short time.

Whether it be a new boat, a mineral-water bottle, or even a building designed by architect Franck Gehry, Dassault Systèmes’ 3D solutions enable anyone to imagine, share and experiment with the products or services used in daily life, and all in 3D. These 3D simulation and design solutions are now at the heart of innovation in all industrial sectors.