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Michel Desjoyeaux's Challenge


The flexibility offered by CATIA, the 3D product design software solution, was a major asset for the development team. Even though the hull shape and the internal structure of the boat were designed by different engineering and design departments, the CATIA software was able to simultaneously synchronize information saved under differing formats. This particularly allowed them to fine tune and perfect the kinematics of the keel/jack assembly.

The CATIA software feature that calculates the finished elements of complex composite parts made the quick optimization and validation of major parts such as the rudder housings, the tiller system and even the boom (saving a significant amount of weight) much easier.

>> Watch the interview of Julien Marcelet, Design Engineer at Mer Forte

3DVIA Composer

3VDIA Composer, the 3D product documentation software solution, was usedto transfer 3D animations of parts assemblies to the different subcontractors. When a parts assembly is constructed by different companies, this tool allows each of them to visualize the part that they are working on within the complete assembly in a simple and interactive manner. The ease with which 3DVIA Composer can move objects and interact with the 3D model allows the designers to simulate lowering and raising the keel, foresee complex maintenance operations and clarify any instructions the boat's technical team deems necessary.