Less than six months to design a new monohull

60 ft monohull manufacturing

Less than six months to design a new, innovative monohull to travel the world's oceans!

This is the challenge that Michel Desjoyeaux, the world’s most highly awarded solo sailor, set for himself. This lover of sailing and competition is also passionate about technology and innovation. All the boats he has designed bear his stamp and inspire his competitors.

At the end of 2009, Michel Desjoyeaux set a new challenge for himself: to build a new 60 ft monohull capable of tackling the challenge of the Route du Rhum (a transatlantic solo yacht race that began on October 31, 2010) and in the Barcelona World Race (a two-handed non-stop race around the world that departs on December 31 2010).

60 ft monohull launch

Although it normally takes nine to ten months to design this type of boat, Michel Desjoyeaux and his team had only about six months to develop the technical innovations that would permit him to distance himself from his competitors. In other words, the never-before-seen in a very short time!

Captivated by this challenge from Team Foncia, Dassault Systèmes was thrilled to welcome Michel Desjoyeaux and his team in its Passion for Innovation program. This partnership gave birth to the new 60-foot Foncia monohull.

For more information on the race schedule, visit the Team Foncia website