Cameo Connector for Teamcenter

Cameo Connector for TeamcenterA collaborative tool to tie cross-product development togetherIn today’s Digital Era, with the transformation of conventional...

A solution by: HCL India

Application domain: Product Life Cycle Management

Solution Overview

Cameo Connector for TeamcenterA collaborative tool to tie cross-product development togetherIn today’s Digital Era, with the transformation of conventional products to smart, connected and intelligent, the need for modernizing the product design and engineering methodologies is becoming inevitable to handle the complexities and scale. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach combined with the overall Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods address the challenges of creating multi-disciplinary systems consisting of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software components.System modeling activities involve starting with system requirements and systematically decomposing those into functional and logical models, which are then linked to the downstream activities of detailed design and testing. This needs smooth exchange of data across the MBSE tools & product design and development tools (PLM). HCL offers a connector for seamless integration of MBSE tools with PLM tools.Recently, SysML, System Modeling Language from OMG, has emerged as an industry standard for MBSE. The need for integrating industry leading tools such as, Cameo Systems Modeler from Dassault Systèmes supporting SysML with PLM tools such as Teamcenter from Siemens is growing. HCL's “Cameo Connector for Teamcenter” delivers capability to integrate system modeling data and artifacts from Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter ensuring the downstream connectivity of data and the bi-directional traceability across these tools.


EFFECTIVE MODEL MANAGEMENT : Expose Teamcenter PLM operations, such as saving, updating and revising, within Cameo modeling tool. In addition, the connector enables you to save selected diagrams (as images) and external files together with a project file in Siemens Teamcenter. 

MODELLING PRACTICES COVERAGE : Connector supports models develop in standalone (mdzip mode) as well as models managed through TeamWork Cloud. Connector supports used projects / dependencies, parameter management in Teamcenter and various other practices.

TRACEABILITY : Traceability across requirements, SysML models and downstream PLM artifacts by closing the loop between downstream implementation and upstream plans.

REDUCTION IN TIME TO MARKET :   MBSE integration with PLM enables teams to collaborate and understand the impact of their design  early in the product lifecycle. It minimizes the unnecessary rework and expense reducing time to market.

REUSABILITY : Increase reusability of product requirements and system models as a byproduct of development process. That helps in quickly achieve complex interdependent product targets, attributes and constraints for quick analysis before detailed design begins.

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