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Theorem’s 3D PDF Publisher for CATIA offers a 3D PDF publishing solution for all sizes of organisation. The products and publishing solutions are based on...


Application domain: Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Theorem’s 3D PDF Publisher for CATIA offers a 3D PDF publishing solution for all sizes of organisation. The products and publishing solutions are based on the original Adobe® technology and Dassault Solutions® technology and are therefore fully compatible with Acrobat and CATIA V5.Dependent upon the nature of your requirement you can decide for yourself which level of solution is best suited to meet the needs of your company. There is a version you can use from inside of CATIA V5 in “save as” mode. A version which can run in batch mode and also be driven from Theorem’s graphical user interface and a full server solution for high volume use.3D PDF Publisher is suitable for both global organisations and smaller companies, as well as individual departments within large corporations. It is scalable from a single user to thousands of users.The “save as” solution: Is the CATIA V5 3D PDF Publisher plug-in. Is a low-cost entry into the world of 3D PDF for CATIA users. Is ideal as a way to become familiar with 3D PDF. Interactively publishes a 3D PDF file. Publishes 3D PDF files from inside CATIA.The batch and interactive solution: Combines an interactive capability with the ability to batch process. Supports ad hoc or volume publishing Enables casual users to drag and drop CATIA files Offers independent viewing of the native CATIA file Enables customised PDF forms to be incorporated in to the process


Gain competitive advantage by creating comprehensive PDF documents which combine a range of data from internal systems such as:

  • 3D CATIA data
  • Metadata from other internal systems
  • Most other file types e.g. Word, Excel, Tiff etc
  • Embed Interactive content
  • Use one dynamic PDF document to meet all your needs.
  • It is available anywhere using the free Adobe Reader®.

Key functions provided by 3D PDF Publisher

  • It enables you to share engineering data created in CATIA with departments who do not have CATIA V5 but need a 3D representation.
  • It enables manufacturing, service departments, technical publications, purchasing and sales and marketing departments to use a 3D PDF inside their documentation.
  • It ensures that when engineering data changes, you can update the 3D data in a PDF document quickly and easily.
  • Once a 3D PDF template has been created, you can update assembly instructions, operating instructions, service manuals, invitations to tender, purchasing agreements and sales and marketing documents and include 3D data effortlessly.
  • If you need to share Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) then the 3D PDF publisher supports 3D annotations and dimensions (FTA) from CATIA V5 in to 3D PDF.
  • This facilitates the use of 3D PDF for model based definition (MBD) processes for downstream activities in manufacturing and for use by the supply chain.

Make even better use of your engineering product data and profit from:

  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Rapid decision-making
  • Reduction in the number of development errors
  • Improved product and process quality
  • Increased overall productivity

Theorem’s 3D PDF Publisher enables all sizes of organisations to extend the use of their CATIA data in to numerous multi- disciplinary application areas that can benefit from 3D geometry and product structure data.

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