Theorem Solutions helps Engineering and Manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of collaborating on projects with their Customers, Suppliers and...

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Theorem Solutions helps Engineering and Manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of collaborating on projects with their Customers, Suppliers and internally. We also help protect the value of engineering data and the intellectual property it contains, so reducing business risk.

We do that by providing advanced data translation products which deliver data in the optimum form, ready for collaborative design or migration. Combined with our Automation Solutions this reduces the manpower and time spent preparing and processing data, all backed by Services and Support. We protect intellectual property by migrating legacy data in to new systems and by providing Long Term Data Archiving solutions.

Our unique value is in the comprehensive application suite and technology we have and the hundreds of man years of knowledge and experience of our staff, gained in providing data collaboration solutions and working with the CAD & PLM data and processes of our users.

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Theorem's advanced data translation tools are paving the way with new functionality, supporting Dassault Systemes' MultiCAx initiative - which calls for interoperability to be in the hands of users, so that "design in context" can be undertaken without the need for external translation of non CATIA data.Theorem’s MultiCAx solutions have been created using the Dassault Systemes XCAD Development platform providing the CATIA V5 user with the ability to interactively select and use native NX or Creo data. Simply by selecting from V5’s "insert" menu means this capability is very easy to use, with no need to run an external translator.This highly interactive method of operation benefits users working within the CATIA V5 MultiCAx environment, as CATIA V5 maintains and manages links with the imported files - enabling updated versions of them to be made available to the user if the original NX/Creo part or assembly is modified. NX/Creo data can also be output in to the 3DXML format for use with 3DLive and 3DVIA.

Theorem’s strong partnership with Dassault Systemes, reputation for quality and robustness of product ensures the new V6 format converters for Siemens JT and NX and PTC's Creo applications enable direct use of data between V6, JT, NX and Creo for the first time.Theorem's V6 CADverters can be fully integrated within the V6 environment enabling bi-directional file and PDM collaboration scenarios. They can be used interactively or in batch mode and have been designed specifically to be incorporated into process orientated operations, so are run and integrated under the management of the V6 infrastructure.Theorem’s V6 CADverters read and write data to and from V6. The converted V6 data can then be used anywhere within the V6 environment, enabling supply chains with mixed V6, JT, NX and Creo environments to collaborate more efficiently.Theorem’s V6 CADverter products also provide the ability to convert JT, NX and Creo data into the 3DXML file format for use with CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, 3DVIA and 3DSWYM.



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