Theorem Solutions V5 MultiCAx-JT Plug In

Multi-CAD enables CATIA users who receive and create JT data to work with and share data between CATIA and applications which can consume or create JT data,...


Application domain: Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Multi-CAD enables CATIA users who receive and create JT data to work with and share data between CATIA and applications which can consume or create JT data, it is available in uni-directional and bi-directional versions.For the CATIA user it provides the added ability to work in Multi-CAD mode enabling associative design in context. In this mode it maintains an associative link back to the source JT data and ensures JT remains the master data source in this mode.In Translator mode it provides bi-directional translation between JT and CATIA in batch and interactively. The translation process supports a rich set of data including product structure, part data, attributes and FTA (PMI) information, making it an ideal tool for Model Based Definition use.When used interactively inside CATIA it enables the user to do open and insert existing component with JT files.The ChallengeFaced with the need to use both CATIA V5 and JT data to complete a single product design and manufacturing task a designer has the choice of a number of different approaches to the problem.The traditional approach is to translate the JT data to CATIA V5, using either a standards based method such as STEP or a direct database translator. In doing so the original JT data is converted to a CATIA V5 representation. There are several downsides to this approach. One is recognizing when a design change takes place which has resulted in a new JT file and managing the process ofupdating the CATIA V5 representation to take into account those changes following completion of the initial translation process. Another is having the knowledge to run a separate translation process and the time and costs associated with doing that.The SolutionTheorem's latest data translation products with advanced functionality are enabling the support of a Multi-CAD strategy, so that "design in context" can be undertaken without the need for external translation of non CATIA V5 parts and assemblies.With Multi-CAD, CATIA V5 users are able using standard CATIA commands to select a part or assembly held in JT format, and insert it as a node on their CATIA V5 design tree; either as a single component or full assembly. With the added benefit of bringing in FTA (PMI) data from JT, manufacturing users will have all of the information needed to make the part.This highly interactive method of operation in V5 maintains and manages links with the imported files - enabling updated versions of them to be made available to the user if the original JT part or assembly is updated. As a result, users benefit from the Theorem technology without needing to undertake a separate translation operation, and without having to worry if any changes have been made to the imported parts. Once opened in CATIA, heterogeneous CAD data can be manipulated for Review and Design in context purposes whilst maintaining a link back to the original JT file.


  • Provides bi-directional data exchange for CATIA users and JT users
  • Provides support for exchanging FTA (PMI) data between CATIA and JT
  • Interactive Design-In-Context solution for CATIA V5 users who need to access JT Parts or Assemblies
  • Maintains associativity between the native JT files and CATIA V5
  • Enables automatic update of the CATIA V5 representation when changes occur in the JT data.
  • Uses standard CATIA V5 “Insert Existing Component” commands to introduce JT data into an active CATIA V5 session.
  • Built upon the strategic Dassault XCAD platform, enables the import of data to V5 with integrated control of quality
  • Using XCAD an option to output the data in 3DXML format is also available enabling its use in 3DVia and 3DLive
  • Digital Mock-Up review (data imported with Faceted representation) is supported.
  • JT import part is synchronized with part or product modification.
  • Update and synchronize V5 according to JT data modification.

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