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Theorem's advanced data translation tools are paving the way for new functionality to support Dassault Systemes' MultiCAx initiative - which calls for...


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Solution Overview

Theorem's advanced data translation tools are paving the way for new functionality to support Dassault Systemes' MultiCAx initiative - which calls for interoperability to be in the hands of users, so that "design in context" can be undertaken without the need for external translation of non CATIA V5 parts. With the option in a future module to bring in FTA data from Pro/E, manufacturing users will have all of the information needed to make the part. Within the MultiCAx environment, CATIA V5 users are able to select a part or assembly designed in Pro/E, and cause it to appear as a node on their CATIA V5 design tree; either as a single component or full assembly, as appropriate. A prime objective of Theorem Solutions MultiCAX Plug-In product is to enable the use of Pro/E data parts, assemblies and 3D dimensions and annotations (FTA) inside a V5 session. The 3D dimension and annotation feature will be a separate optional licensed feature and available in 2009. The user will be able to manipulate heterogeneous CAD data for Review and Design in context purposes with a link back to the Pro/E data. Pro/E Multi-cad import is built upon the strategic DS XCAD CAA platform, this platform enables the Import of data to V5 with integrated control of quality. This application also supports the capability of outputting the data in 3DXML format. This MultiCAX Plug-In as well as enabling the user to generate data that is linked back to the original Pro/E representation, and therefore support the ability to track and update respective to changes, it will also support Design in Context DMU and explicit design modification. Using the Plug-In with explicit modification enables the data to be subsequently modified within CATIA but removes all links back to the originating Pro/E data. The application whilst it can be operated interactively within CATIA V5 will also be able to be run in batch mode from a command line interface external to CATIA V5.


  • Fully compliant with Dassault MultiCAx strategy enabling users to work with ""foreign"" parts or assemblies while staying within the CATIA environment and as part of this strategy certain to retain compatability with future versions of CATIA V5
  • Maximum ease of use, providing CATIA V5 users with the ability to work in ""design in context"" mode without the need for an external CAD translation.
  • Changes to the ""imported"" geometry are tracked by CATIA V5, ensuring that design is always taking place within the correct context, without the need for the user to be concerned about changes that may have taken place in other design systems.
  • An ideal combination of Dassault's class leading PLM environment and Theorem's class leading translation technology.

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