3DEXPERIENCE xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter

by : HCL

Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : PCS V6, PDE V6

Product Overview

HCL's ‘V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter’ provides the process based integration to enable exchange of design, engineering data between Teamcenter and ENOVIA V6.  It enables coexistence of Teamcenter and V6 based applications by ensuring synchronized data between the two systems.

‘V6 xPDM Adatper for Teamcenter’ is built using native exchange interfaces of Teamcenter (SOA) and V6 (V6 xPDM Interfaces). The Adapter Solution supports bi-directional exchange of engineering data like parts, part revisions, relations metadata, documents and design data like product structure, CAD representation and visual representations.

Organizations have critical need to integrate Teamcenter based PLM systems and ENOVIA V6 to better support collaborative processes like part management, change management and release management. However to achieve this collaboration, they are looking to minimize the investment in proprietary integrations that are costly and difficult to maintain. Geometric's ‘V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter’ offers a ready-to-deploy yet extensible solution to address this requirement.

For oganizations using CATIA V5 and Teamcenter to manage their design data, the Data exchange capabilities (PRODUCT scenario) of  Geometric's ‘V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter’ solution enables them to adapt CATIA V6 as CAD authoring tool. The Adapter Solution supports transfer of existing CATIA V5 data from Teamcenter (Product structure, CATPart, CATProduct) to CATIA V6  for carry-over and reference. Data authored in CATIA V6 can be transferred back to Teamcenter along with CAD representations, so that existing Teamcenter based processes for data consumption (DMU, manufacturing planning etc) are supported.

Engineering data exchange (EBOM scenario) capabilities enable the bi-directional synchronization of engineering data between Teamcenter and ENOVIA V6 (Engineering Central).  Users can access useful product information from either system. This scenario enables implementation of engineering processes spanning across Teamcenter and ENOVIA V6.

‘V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter’ is asynchronous integration and the transfer mechanism runs in the background and requires no user interaction. Initiation of data exchange is supported via user interfaces in respective clients of Teamcenter and ENOVIA V6. It can be customized to enable workflow or triggers based exchange.

‘V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter’ is available since V6R2013x and supports Teamcenter version 9.1 .

Customer Benefits

  • Leverage existing investment¬†and derive value by implementing business processes spanning best-of-breed engineering applications
  • Minimal user interaction and asynchronous data exchange methodology¬†reduces need for end-user training
  • Well-defined path for existing CATIA V4 / V5 customers using Teamcenter to adapt CATIA V6 / ENOVIA V6 platform