GeomCaliper on V6

by : HCL

Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : CNV V6, MDG V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

“V6 xPDM Adapter for Teamcenter” is an integration solution for exchange of engineering data between Siemens PLM Teamcenter and Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platforms.  This solution enables implementation of collaborative product development processes spanning across Teamcenter and 3DEXPERIENCE.
This solution is built using interfaces supported by 3DEXPERIENCE  and Teamcenter platforms 3DEXPERIENCE xPDM Interfaces Teamcenter SOA Interfaces
Product is developed under Dassault Systèmes’ V6 APs Partner Program and Siemens PLM ‘s Foundation Partnership; thereby ensuring support for the latest releases of 3DEXPERIENCE and Teamcenter Platforms.


Solution Benefits: 

  • Leverage existing investment and derive value by implementing business processes spanning best-of-breed applications 
  • Well-defined path for existing CATIA V4/V5 customers using Teamcenter to adapt 3D Experience platform

  • Users have local access to all the design data.

  • Incremental changes are propagated efficiently, thereby eliminating the need to reconcile entire structures.

  • Transactions run in the background &  Integration is transparent to the users.

  • Data transfer based on triggers/workflow, integrating current business processes

  • Users continue to work from their native environments

  • Data transfer is based on process/maturity based model

  • Eliminates data exchange errors that occur during manual/semi-automatic exchange of data

  • Enables unified product reference across the enterprise


Customer Benefits