Manufacturing Hub Adapter

by : HCL

Engineering Domain : Manufacturing
Prerequisites : CEF V5, EPC V5, MCM V5

Product Overview

Manufacturing Hub. Worldwide product companies are embracing Digital Manufacturing as a strategic direction, to substantially increase productivity and reduce costs. While Digital Manufacturing can be utilized in a standalone manner, it gives best results when it is integrated into the PLM solutions deployed. This approach facilitates collaboration between the design and manufacturing streams, decreasing the cycle times and thus reducing the time to market and overall costs.

Salient Features:
- Supports concurrent engineering by integrating the product development process with the digital manufacturing processes.
- Access to latest product information and configuration data in the Manufacturing domain.
- Facilitates collaborative change management between Engineering and Manufacturing domains Manufacturing Hub Adapter supports integration with Siemens PLM Teamcenter platforms (Engineering/Teamcenter/Unified).

Customer Benefits

  • Better Performance and Improved Quality - Reduced design/manufacturing planning cycle time - Enables unified product reference across design and manufacturing domains - Manufacturing users have access to latest configuration data and context - Facilitate Collaboration and Change Management across engineering and manufacturing domains thus eliminating costly downstream issues early in lifecycle - Eliminates data exchange errors that occur during manual/semi-automatic exchange of data - Propagates incremental changes efficiently
  • Usability - Transactions run in the background without requiring user inputs, thus reducing training needs and adding transparency to the integration process - Users continue to work in their native environments due to the asynchronous nature of integration
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Rapid deployment since less than half the time is required for deployment of a comparable custom solution - Enables a quick pilot (2-4 weeks) which makes gap identification easy - Solution is configurable and customizable to suit customer needs