GeomCaliper on CATIA V5 - Advanced

by : HCL

Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : CFO V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

Product designers and manufacturing engineers need to frequently carry out measurements to identify regions that are critical from strength, manufacturing, or material flow standpoint. Most often, thickness mapping and measurement is the basis of the study. "GeomCaliper on CATIA V5 - Advanced" is an innovative tool, integrated within CATIA, that facilitates measurement and checking of thickness on CATIA V5 3D models. Unlike traditional measurement tools GeomCaliper is a fast, and easy to use tool. The tool implements two prime methods of thickness measurement i.e. Normal Ray and Rolling Sphere. The user can select the analysis method depending on the geometry of the part for improved results.

Salient Features:
 - Quick and easy-to-use thickness measurement. 
 - Advanced visulization for easy interpretation of results.
 - Dynamic thickness display on model at point click.
 - Compute thickness at selected regions (feature and face selection).

Customer Benefits

  • Quick and easy means of checking the design for thickness related problems.
  • Savings in downstream costs due to improved part quality, as a result of early analysis and design correction.
  • Improved design productivity.