V5 - xPDM Gateway

by : HCL

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : DER V5, PGW V5

Product Overview

V5-xPDM Gateway is a turnkey solution providing customer proven, process-based integration between CATIA V5 and an enterprise PDM system via ENOVIA VPLM.

For many customers, managing CATIA data using their existing PDM systems is an ongoing challenge - one that could impede productivity and slow growth. CATIA today provides more than just geometric, analysis and planning information. It also provides rich information on how the various engineering data relate to each other. For instance, when a part's shape is changed, CATIA knows how to recalculate the tool paths and finite element analysis. This concept is known as relational design. If the PDM system doesn't know how or where to leverage this relational information, the knowledge is either lost forever or buried within the files and cannot be used for insights into evolving designs, nor propagation of engineering changes.

ENOVIA VPLM solves this problem by providing a collaborative product development environment that can fully leverage CATIA V5 relational design capabilities. However, what if an organization wants to continue using their existing enterprise PDM system? There must be away in which the relational product development environment, which manages critical in-work data, can harmoniously co-exist with the enterprise data management sustem that manages released data.

V5-xPDM Gateway is the faster, most effiecient way to integrate the developmental environment of CATIA V5 and ENOVIA VPLM with the enterprise release environment. The first two supported systems are UGS Teamcenter Enterprise and Teamcenter Engineering. The integration is based on a scalable and high-performance, point-to-point architecture that takes into account industry best practices and processes, in addition to providing maturity-based data exchanges. As the exchanges run in the background, the transactions between the two environments are completely transparant to the end users, letting them carry on daily activities through their native user interfaces with minimal business disruption.

Available since V5R16, V5-xPDM Gateway supports integration with Teamcenter Engineering V9.1 and Teamcenter Enterprise V4.0

Customer Benefits

  • A turnkey, process-driven solution integrating design environment with an Enterprise PDM system
  • Improved end-user experience: designers do not need to shuffle between PDM and CATIA interfaces
  • Fully leverage CATIA relational design capabilities while continuing to operate on existing Enterprise PDM system