TYPE3-CAA V5 Graphic & Wrap


Engineering Domain : Shape Design & Styling
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes since 2003, TYPE3-CAA is an add-on to CATIA, and offers design and construction engineers a wide range of professional tools to enhance industrial parts with serial numbers, text, logos, legal information, specs… directly within the PLM process of CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE.


Professional tools for text creation, font management, symbols & serial numbers integration 

  • Text along a curve, along an arc, from a box,
  • Multi-line text,
  • Text on multi-supports,
  • True Type & Open Type Fonts and single line fonts (Stroke lines),
  • Mirror text for mold makers, kerning controls,
  • G1 compatibility,
  • Creation of macros using any text features.
  • All text features are Parametric and re-editable through CATIA construction tree.

Advanced Vectorization

  • BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG direct import in CATIA,
  • Simple and quick vectorization with dedicated parameters (allowance, noise filtering, smoothing, sensibility…),
  • Vectorization of black & white or colour images.

Projection & Mapping algorithms for any type of surface 

  • Parallel / local projection,
  • Basic / conical / cylindrical mapping,
  • Precise positioning on surface,
  • For single or multi-surfaces,
  • Projected / Mapped CATIA curves are fully Associative.

Customer Benefits

→ Huge time saving in creation and re-edition

→ Higher efficiency as user remains in CATIA interface

→ Reduced data volume

→ Better performance and visualization of 3D models