CATIA V5 / Pro-Engineer CADverter


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Creo Parametric <> CATIA V5 CADverter is a direct database translator between CATIA V5 and Creo Parametric. This CADverter product is aimed at users who need to translate volumes of 3D data to and from suppliers and customers.

It enables the user to convert all forms of 3D mechanical design geometry, as well as assembly and attribute information, maintaining colour or layer information during translation. In addition the input data may be filtered to optimize the overall translation process between these CATIA V5 and Creo Parametric.

The product not only reads the native CATIA V5 data it also reads any subordinate CATIA V4 data that is referenced by the CATIA V5 CATProduct.

There are three separate methods available to operate the translator using either a standard Creo Parametric menu, the CADverter GUI or alternatively the translator can be executed from the command-line therefore enabling it to be integrated in to any desired workflow.

Main Features

  • Converts all types of geometry, wire frame, surfaces, trimmed surfaces (faces) and solid models.
  • Converts assembly structure between the systems.
  • Converts attribute data including colour and layer information.
  • The conversion process can be run Interactively or in Batch mode.
  • Data can be filtered by layer and entity type.
  • Geometry can be filtered and selectively processed.
  • Developed using Spatial, Dassault Systemes 3D InterOp API
  • Interface to Creo Parametric is via the Toolkit API
  • Embedded CADviewer enables CATIA V5 data to be viewed pre/post translation

Customer Benefits

  • Being a direct database converter all pre and post processing is eliminated, saving time.
  • The integrated CADviewer enables you to verify visually, and verify by measuring the data preconversion, eliminating time converting unwanted data, or sending out incorrect data.
  • The CADviewer and filtering options allow you to selectively process the data, enabling you to optimize conversions and save time.
  • By converting all forms of geometry no data is lost, eliminating the time required to re-create missing data.
  • CADviewer enables you to verify the content of the CATIA V5 files pre/post translation
  • With over 20 years industrial use CADverters robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.