CATIA V5 / ProductView CADverter


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Product Overview

The CATIA V5 Adapter for Creo View is a direct data converter from CATIA V5 to Creo View, PTC’s visual collaboration product. The adapter rapidly and accurately publishes 3D mechanical design geometry parts, assemblies and 2D drawings, together with attribute information to the compact formats used by the Creo View application.

Designed to be compatible with other PTC Creo View adapters, the adapter can be integrated into Windchill, DIVISION Graphics Server or other PDM environments.

The adapter directly accesses native CATIA V5 parts, assemblies and drawing files using the Spatial, Dassault Systemes supported programming interface. Assembly structure details and geometry colour information is retained during translation. Output file characteristics such as tessellation details are configured using the standard PTC Recipe File Editor.

The Adapter may be installed on a number of machines each accessing a central network-floating license.

Main Features

  • Converts CATPart geometry including analytic data, solid models, and surfaces to the Creo View “.ol” file format.
  • Converts CATProduct assembly structure and part orientations to the Creo View “.pvs” file format.
  • Converts attribute data such as meta-data, coluor and layer information and V5 properties.
  • Retains accuracy of data in Creo View allowing accurate measurements, sections etc.
  • Converts CATDrawings to various 2D formats e.g DXF &TIF for viewing within Creo View.
  • Configuration compatible with other PTC Creo View adapters
  • Optional integration with Windchill, DIVISION Graphics Server as a standard “Worker” application. Also able to be integrated with other PDM environments.
  • Operates in both command-line and batch modes
  • Standard CADverter GUI available
  • Configurable to output earlier versions of Creo View data
  • Able to be initiated from within CATIA V5 menu system

Customer Benefits

  • Direct conversion from CATIA V5 to Creo View reduces processing time, simplifies integration and retains accuracy of the model.
  • Improved communication and collaboration by visualizing CATIA V5 data in Creo View across the enterprise.
  • Reduce costs and risks associated to accessing the wrong version of data by integrating the publishing process into all related business processes.
  • With over 20 years industrial use Theorem’s product robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk