CATIA V5 / JT CADverter


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD1 V5

Product Overview

Product Overview

The CATIA V5 <>JT CADverter is a bi-directional direct database converter between the CATIA V5 Modeling Application and the JT file format, used by the Siemens Teamcenter Visualization products. It enables the user to convert all forms of 3 Dimensional Mechanical Design Geometry and Assembly data, together with system defined attribute information and colour information, between these two systems.

This product is designed for CATIA V5 users who have selected JT to be their visualization system and therefore need to translate their CATIA V5 data into the JT format, or who need to send/receive JT files to/from customers or suppliers.

The translator can be invoked in either an interactive or batch mode with the command line interface allowing the conversion process to be integrated into any process oriented operation. Alternatively the conversion process may be operated by using a standard Graphical User Interface.

Main Features

  • Converts all types of geometry, wire frame, surfaces, trimmed surfaces (faces) and solid models.
  • Converts assembly structure between the systems.
  • Converts attribute data including colour and layer information.
  • Integrated with the CATIA V5 installation.
  • The conversion process can be run Interactively or Batch mode.
  • Command line interface allows process integration.
  • Data can be filtered by layer and entity type during processing. Geometry can be filtered and selectively processed.
  • Uses the CATIA API and Siemens JTOpen API to read and write data.
  • In creating JT files a number of data types can be generated. A facetted representation, a JT Brep definition or an XT Brep definition. As standard a facetted representation is created withthe user selecting whether JT or XT Brep definition is created.

Customer Benefits

  • Being a direct database converter all pre and post processing is eliminated, saving time.
  • Reduce costs due to processing time and increase overall conversion success levels by filtering input data and focusing the conversion to only those elements required.
  • Reduce costs and risks associated to accessing the wrong version of data by integrating the conversion process into a related business processes.
  • With over 20years of industrial use CADverters robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.
  • Using the CATIA V5 API and the Siemens JTOpen Toolkit to read and write data guarantees compatibility with new releases of CATIA and Teamcenter Visualization so eliminates risks.