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Romax Technology is a global provider of integrated software and services for the design, analysis and optimization of gearbox, bearings and driveline systems across automotive, wind energy, bearings, off road, rail, marine and aerospace.We help our customers to work smarter and faster, reduce costs and be more competitive.

  • Engineering software – Romax Nexus Suite encompassing Enduro, Spectrum, Spin, Energy, Evolve, Concept, CAD Fusion and Dynamic Fusion - an integrated toolset to optimize the design and development cycle
  • Consulting in design and engineering -  Expert advice, tools and services that help drive down costs, reduce risk and improve product quality: from new product development to process improvements
  • Engineering services, design & analysis, training and support – Giving you the power to succeed: industry-leading expertise so you can reduce costs, improve processes, speed up development and improve product quality
Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Romax Nexus enables faster and more accurate simulation and analysis of transmissions and drivelines including electric-drivelines: Users can simultaneously assess and optimize strength & durability with Romax Enduro, efficiency with Romax Energy and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) with Romax Spectrum, based on individual components and the complete system.

Romax Nexus delivers virtual design optimization, reducing the required number of hardware iterations and the time to market: from concept development, detailed design and system analysis, through to prototype test and manufacture, Romax Nexus is proven in its ability to deliver world class designs. 

  • Cut design time by 60%
  • Reduce analysis time by over 80%
  • Save 30% on prototyping costs
  • Improve end product quality
  • Enhance mechanical efficiency
  • Reduce time to market 

Users can benefit from fast, automated condensation of large FE sub-structures using Abaqus through Romax Nexus' interface. Condensed FE sub-structures can be combined to give accurate deflections and frequency response for the complete system.

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