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Samares Engineering delivers services and technical solutions in the field of Systems Engineering, and more especially with Model-Based Systems Engineering approach. It concerns different domains including (but not restricted to) Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Energy. It is based in Toulouse (France).
Samares Engineering was born 6 years ago following a clear finding: engineers are poorly equipped for systems engineering practices. They transform needs into solutions through a set of documents and discuss with experts for the system definition and verification through exchanges of documents.  Key information is written in natural language that often contains ambiguities or is subject to different interpretations, what leads to issues discovered late in the development cycle. Those key data are also spread and sometimes diluted into several documents, what makes the global consistency hard to reach. 
Convinced that the use of models can accelerate the system development by improving the quality of requirements early in the system definition, Samares Engineering has developed a strong expertise in Model-Based Systems Engineering  (practices analysis, method definition, tool evaluation, tool customization, training, coaching and support). This expertise is now recognized by large companies in Europe and in Asia with regular MBSE consulting requests.  But Samares Engineering does not restrict its expertise to large companies. Samares Engineering delivers missions for different populations and different maturity levels. Customers come from research, education and industry, and Samares Engineering provides services that range from awareness to evaluation through pilot projects and to deployment in operational projects.
In parallel, Samares Engineering provides educational support on practical model-based systems Engineering with SysML coupled with other modelling languages to regional high schools and universities.  The company also contributes to and actively supports the AFIS association (French chapter of INCOSE) to promote systems engineering discipline and is strongly involved in the MBSE technical committee: co-leader of the committee and participation to 4 working groups.

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Samares Engineering has strong skills in the use of standard systems modeling language (SysML) and long experience of 3DS NoMagic SysML tool suite: most of Samares Engineering employees use Cameo Systems Modeler, Teamwork Cloud (for teamwork and configuration management) and Cameo Simulation Toolkit (model simulation) every day in their missions. Samares Engineering has also gained some expertise on UAF (Unified Architecture Framework) and Cameo Entreprise Architecture tool to support the development of systems of systems. Samares Engineering naturally provides the following services on those 3DS NoMagic tools: 
•    Tool evaluation, training, coaching, customization, and support.
Samares Engineering can also offer significant expertise with  SysML and UAF standard languages and associated 3DS noMagic tools to formalize:
•    Mission, Strategy and required Capabilities, Concepts of Operations with operational context and scenarios
•    Customer/stakeholder needs and expectations
•    System specification and system candidate architectures, 
•    Test cases, V&V scenarios, and early validation evidences obtained from model simulation or co-simulation (with FMI)
Finally, Samares Engineering offers coaching to analyse and give feedback and improvements suggestions on current systems engineering practices and current MBSE approach according to the business goals of the company.
Samares is based in Toulouse but is used to meet their customers at different places in France, Europe and Asia.


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