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Company address: KARLAVAGEN 108 9TR 11526 STOCKHOLM , SWE


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Infosys has strong engineering, domain, and IT expertise, allowing us to coalesce physical and digital worlds to deliver end-to-end services across the business landscape including consulting, system integration, technology services, platforms and support. With data-driven business models and innovative service offerings, Infosys ensures reliable, secure and scalable solutions integrating with enterprise architectures seamlessly. As an ecosystem integrator, Infosys brings together sensors, networks, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud and mobile applications to create relevant and customized solutions. Moreover, Infosys’ deep expertise in emerging technologies such as blockchain, 5G, mixed reality and AI complement IoT services to unleash its full potential. 
Infosys has a dedicated team of experts focusing on realizing the full potential of advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques like Industry 4.0 by fostering a culture of domain and technology-led innovations within and across enterprise functions. The Infosys and Dassault Systems partnership over the last few years has helped deliver differentiated solutions in production, manufacturing, and scheduling for clients across aerospace, automotive, life sciences, consumer products industries by:

1.    Driving digital continuity across the PLM, ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) landscape by capitalizing on cutting edge functionalities of 3DExperience, DELMIA ORTEMS and APRISO.
2.    Accelerating the product development cycle through Infosys engineering automation COE and a newer set of features on the 3DX platform.
3.    Complementing DS solutions with Infosys Product Cost Optimization platform/suite of services to create products




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