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X-Rite Incorporated is a global leader in the science and technology of color and appearance. X-Rite offers complete end-to-end color management solutions used by manufacturers, retailers, printers, photographers and graphic design houses to achieve precise management and communication of color and appearance throughout their workflow. X-Rite products and services are recognized standards in the printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles and medical industries. X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC™) Ecosystem allows designers to capture and virtualize materials that have the exact same visual characteristics as their physical counterparts and enables an unmatched level of realism and efficiency in digital material communication and 3D design. The TAC Ecosystem brings product designs to life with hyper-realistic digital material representations across every step of the product development process, reducing design approval cycles and accelerating time to market. For further information, please visit www.xrite.com/TAC.

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Without the right tools, product designers struggle to capture and render complex materials, such as special effects paints, meshes, and synthetic fabrics, in their virtual designs. Appearance Exchange Format (AxF™) solves this issue. Developed by X-Rite, AxF is a vendor-neutral format that offers a standard way to capture, store, edit, and communicate complex color and appearance material in one single file. Dassault Systèmes natively supports AxF in its 3DEXPERIENCE platform, thereby offering customers a way to create physically correct, virtual material libraries that include color and appearance data. With this integration, 3DEXPERIENCE users can virtualize and communicate all aspects of a physical material’s appearance across design, production, and marketing workflows. They can share these libraries between departments, suppliers, and partners to remove barriers, accelerate business innovation, and reduce production development costs and time to market.

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