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MSI is the leading brand in mobile workstations, with the new generation Intel® processor and NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ graphics card, able to match workstation desktops in both performance and features. The mobile workstations are designed as light and compact as possible for better portability, while providing a long 8 hour battery life. Over 90% of our mobile workstation series are ISV-certified and compatible with most applications, while the built-in Creator Center software provides settings that optimize work processes with a single click. In the past, workstations mainly consisted of designs centered on desktop systems to pursuit of performance and stability; ensuring that no errors would occur even under prolonged heavy computational workloads. Over the years, MSI has achieved unparalleled success in the gaming laptop industry with efforts put into the consistent quality of performance and system stability.

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The objective of Dassault Systèmes’ certification process is to ensure reliable operation and integration tests for Dassault Systèmes software on proven, integrated and best-in-class Technologies and Platforms developed, marketed and supported by leading technology players.

MSI Mobile Workstations expands from the basics of a workstation but with the addition of the “mobile” element and it enables professionals to work freely outside of traditional office workspace for creative flow and visual communication. With high-quality design meeting US defense standards (MIL-STD) to provide the durability for you to swiftly and smoothly process complex designs and workflows. MSI Mobile Workstations are perfected for professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), oil & gas, defense, multi media and entertainment, medical, life science, and manufacturing fields.

The list of certified workstations can be found here (select "MSI" in the Manufacturer's field). 


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