S VERTICAL is a service and solutions provider company specialized on numerical simulation technology (FEA).Leveraging industry proven methods and...

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S VERTICAL is a service and solutions provider company specialized on numerical simulation technology (FEA).

Leveraging industry proven methods and experienced team members, S VERTICAL can put together a clear and concise applications, focused solely on enhancing your productivity and reducing engineering difficulties and costs.

Issued from Dassault Systèmes, today S VERTICAL is their service and development partners.

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WoundSim is the Next Generation tool for design and simulation of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPVs). This product is the fruit as a partnership between S VERTICAL from France and QustomApps from US, Tx. Both companies are members of the SIMULIA integration program (Dassault Systèmes Partners), and with a large experience on COPVs design and simulation tools. The main key differentiators of WoundSim are:

  • Stand-alone and user-friendly user interface
  • High software performance allowing the support of high number of layers
  • Comprehensive and well-chosen design parameters allowing a quick construction of the desired layout.
  • Smart layup rendering allowing layers selection and intersections detection.
  • Full compatibility with Abaqus software and no need for Fortran compiler to post-process specific material outputs.
  • Fully automated FEA models generation, allowing performing simulations with minimum FE knowledge.
  • Significant reduction of design cycles
  • Design of experiment capabilities for parametric design optimization and simulation vs test correlation


Pipe-Laying Simulation Tool:

This tool allows to perform high fidelity pipeline installation analysis using the Abaqus solver.

These analysis load-cases can be performed using this tool:

  • Static Installation Analysis: Commonly performed by installation analysis teams, this will assess the installation feasibility by calculating the pipeline catenary geometry and lay-tension.
  • Dynamic Installation Analysis: A real dynamic simulation will be performed by considering vessel movement, currents and waves affects. Results can directly be used to assess fatigue response of the pipeline.
  • Dynamic Laying Analysis: In addition of considering all previously described elements, this analysis will simulate the laying of the pipeline to the seabed. All strain and stress levels during the complete installation sequence are then provided to the user.

The main key differentiators of this tool are:

  • Comprehensive user interface
  • Quick and automated simulation models creation
  • Performing installation analysis within Abaqus software
  • Transfer installation results (e.g, RLT, residual stress and pipeline position) to post-installation models (e.g Lateral Buckling Analysis)
  • Better estimation of pipeline fatigue assessment (Dynamic stress levels)
  • Take into account un-even seabed profile and dynamic effect of waves and current and vessel RAOs
  • Reduction of design conservatism and increasing of companies competitivity



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