Assystem, one of the world's leading independent nuclear engineering companies, is committed to accelerating the energy transition. With more than 55 years...

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Assystem, one of the world's leading independent nuclear engineering companies, is committed to accelerating the energy transition. With more than 55 years of experience in highly regulated sectors with stringent safety and security constraints, the Group provides engineering and project management services as well as digital solutions and services to optimise the performance of complex infrastructure assets throughout their life cycle.

In its 12 countries of operation, Assystem’s 7,500 experts are supporting energy transition. To achieve an affordable low carbon energy supply, Assystem is committed to the development of low carbon electricity (nuclear, renewables and electricity grids) and clean hydrogen.

As an independent engineering company, Assystem considers digital transformation to be a performance lever for projects to manage their increasing complexity. Faced with a higher number of requirements and stakeholders, industrial companies must meet increasingly strict safety and security standards, as well as stronger economic and environmental constraints. Digital transformation is also a major enabler for recruiting, training, and passing on expertise to new generations, and for capitalizing on the knowledge of current experts.

Therefore, Assystem is both a player in its own digital transformation and also offers digital services to its clients to deliver enhanced engineering and project management services. It is in this context that Assystem has developed a partnership with Dassault Systèmes to use the 3Dx platform for its own engineering projects and also to support the deployment of the platform in the nuclear sector and complex infrastructures.


  • PLM to address the challenges of the operational nuclear fleet: by enhancing operational efficiency and safety through comprehensive lifecycle management and streamlining maintenance and retrofit processes to extend the life of existing facilities.
  • PLM for nuclear new build projects: enhances collaboration across all project phases, from design to construction, ensuring standards and timelines are met, while integrating sustainable design practices to comply with environmental regulations and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • PLM for major infrastructure and future city projects: aids in the planning, construction, and management of smart city initiatives, emphasizing sustainability and resilience, while enabling the efficient design, simulation, and execution of complex infrastructure projects.
  • PLM and Virtual Twin for AMR/SMR projects: to simulate, analyze, and optimize operations, enhancing project feasibility, safety analysis, and regulatory compliance with advanced visualization and simulation tools. This is why Assystem and Dassault have developed a dedicated partnership to address the challenges of AMR.

In conclusion, Assystem's value lies in its position at the interface between business and digital technology, defining engineering processes and methods in a data-centric way and implementing them in the 3Dx platform to improve project performance. It has to be further pointed out that this digital transformation services are the cornerstone of our innovation strategy and through its Digital Excellence Center, ASSYSTEM is investing in new methodologies and tools like Advanced Workpackaging, Advanced Modelling languages like Modelica, Altarica, CRML,  PLM and PPM Analytics, Artificial Intelligence through Nuclear Fine Tune LLM.



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