Company Info

Phone : (082)023/677-4477
Fax : (082)023/677-4499
Web : http://www.kolonbenit.com/

Company Description

Business areas of KOLON BENIT are considered with IT distribution and IT service for KOLON group and external enterprise clients.
1. IT Distributor in Domestic
Leading distributor of global solution vendors in domestic market, we distributing various products of Dassault Systemes, IBM, EMC, Dell, SAP, RedHat, SkySQL, HikVision and some of domestic vendors. KOLON BENIT is not only a distributor for our clients but also business partner with par excellence support.

2. IT Service for External Clients
As the monopolizing company in surveillance systems in both of KRX(Korea Exchange) and FSS(Financial Supervisory Service), KOLON BENIT providing the excellence quality of services to Governments and Enterprises in domestic. Also we providing industrial specific solutions(PLM, BI, ERP, SCM, CRM, Collaborative, U/C, Compliance, Etc) to our clients based on experiences in various industries.

3. IT Service for KOLON Group
KOLON BENIT, as the ICT company of KOLON group, we supporting the innovations to affiliates of KOLON group based on Information technologies. We provides total solutions including both of implementation and operation, and business process outsourcing services(Logistics, Procurements, Etc).

Other Partnership

Systems Integrator Alliance Agreement Master (SIA)

Value Proposition

A leading distributor of many global IT solutions, Kolon Benit is specialized in IT solutions and boasts solid partnership with clients.
Kolon Benit serves many Kolon companies, as well as public entities and various service providers of education, corporate disclosure, market surveillance and financial information and technology services


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