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Phone : (971)971 4 294 9993
Web : https://dtp.aero/

Company Description

DTP is a technology solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to optimize planning and operations in the transportation industry.

We are the leader in Planning Optimization, Integration, Business Intelligence, Solution Delivery, and Technical Support services for air transport businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. Our experience in air transport solutions spans 15 years, with a successful track record of various large-scale projects for major hub airports and airlines in the region.

Based in cosmopolitan Dubai, our diverse team comes from over 10 nationalities and possesses expert knowledge of various transportation segments, driving a culture of innovation and adaptability in our organization.

Every year, over 114.6 million passengers benefit from our planning and operations solutions.

DELMIA Quintiq

Other Partnership

Systems Integrator Alliance Agreement Master (SIA)

Value Proposition

At DTP, we recognize that efficient operations require effective planning and optimization solutions. In a fast-moving, high-traffic industry such as transportation, automated planning of resources is essential in keeping up with the demands of commercial operations.

DTP is a partner of Dassault Systemes to offer its DELMIA Quintiq planning and optimization solution to the aviation industry in EMEA and all transportation market segments in the Middle East and North Africa. The partnership between DTP and DELMIA Quintiq was established after a successful joint implementation of DELMIA Quintiq planning solution for Dubai International Airport’s fixed resources.

We have established a dedicated, internal team of DELMIA Quintiq-certified professionals including project managers, consultants, optimization experts and specialists well-versed in Quintiq’s modeling to design, build, and deliver bespoke optimization solutions that 100% fit the customer’s requirements. Through our dedicated manpower, customers can expect undivided attention from inception to completion. DTP offering is also extended to support and maintenance services through multiple SLA models.

DTP’s complementing services add significant value to our clients. They will benefit from our state-of-the-art R&D center and have access to our integration platform with more than 50 ready-to-use aviation adapters, to send and receive data required to solve planning puzzles in the aviation industry. Furthermore, they will be able to fully utilize our mobility solutions, operations monitoring systems, as well as business intelligence and data analytics services.