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EikoSim aims at being the missing link between test and simulation in solid mechanics, by promoting a software suite that helps our customers put together all of their test and simulation data, to make educated simulation choices and shorten development times.

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EikoTwin DIC in the test lab; the software loads the inp file sent by the engineering office (created in Abaqus) and sends back the test results in our proprietary format. Test results for DIC include displacement and strain fields, as well as virtual displacement and strain sensors that can be extracted from these fields in EikoTwin DIC. This software also allows the user to collect the measurements results of physical sensors (strain gauges, LDVT, force sensors) and to position them around the FE model for the simulation engineer to use directly.

EikoTwin DT in the engineering office: the simulation engineer in charge of validation receives the test results organized around the FE model and modifies the simulation accordingly. EikoTwin DT offers the tools to create new (measured) boundary conditions and re-write the .inp file for Abaqus to compute. This allows the engineer to diminish the number of hypotheses the simulation involves. EikoTwin DT also runs Abaqus in batch mode, which is the main software brick that allows identifying simulation parameters thanks to an inverse method. Simulation parameters currently include material parameters, but we’re also aiming at identifying interface parameters, boundary conditions parameters, etc.

For more info : https://eikosim.com/en/eikotwin-2/


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