CRAFT Tech specializes in high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of complex flow and combustion problems. We provide consultive and...

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Company address: 6210 KELLERS CHURCH RD 18947-1020 PIPERSVILLE BUCKS PA, USA


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CRAFT Tech specializes in high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of complex flow and combustion problems. We provide consultive and on-site services, as well as licensing of simulation software tools.  CRAFT Tech’s simulation expertise ranges from high altitude aerodynamics with mixed continuum/rarified flows for problems such as satellite surface heating and contamination to underwater submarine hydrodynamics and propulsion simulations. CRAFT Tech personnel are recognized leaders in cutting edge simulation methodologies for jet and missile plumes, aircraft exhaust noise modeling, fluctuation models for high speed combustion, cryogenics, cavitation, turbomachinery, and evolutionary algorithms for global design optimization.

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Abaqus v6.14 and above is currently available with a Co-Simulation API and associated libraries that permit coupling with third party software.  CRAFT Tech has developed the needed interfacing with the CSE API with its unstructured Navier-Stokes code, CRUNCH CFD, and its high fidelity structured grid Navier-Stokes solver, CRAFT CFD.  CRAFT Tech would license this interface to users of Abaqus.  Users of CRAFT Tech’s flow solvers increasingly are interested in multidisciplinary analyses.  The integrated FSI simulation suite allows licensed users of CRUNCH CFD, CRAFT CFD, and Abaqus to address problems involving coupled force and boundary motion, heat transfer and thermal strains, plastic deformation and failure, vibration, cyclic fatigue, etc.  A preprocessor for grid conversion and Abaqus input setup has also been developed and would be available to licensed users of CRUNCH CFD and CRAFT CFD who are interested in performing coupled analyses with Abaqus.

In addition, Abaqus has been recently integrated into CRAFT Tech’s Multi-Objective Design Optimization Environment (MODOE).  MODOE is a suite of tools that employs CRAFT Tech’s high fidelity CFD solvers to analyze design shapes in parametric studies.   Genetic algorithms and gradient-based optimization options are available through the DAKOTA package.  The design changes themselves are implemented through direct changes to the underlying CAD using an open source toolkit, OpenCascade.   Revised meshes for CFD or FEA analysis are produced automatically through the scripting capabilities available in the Pointwise grid generation software.   MODOE has been used with Abaqus in static and dynamic optimization studies, where peak stresses, alternating stresses, or weight have been minimized as design criteria. 



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