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SOFYNE Active Technology is a leading IT services company specialized in MES/MOM (Manufacturing Execution System/Operations Management) and PLM (Product...

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Company address: 56 RUE DU SOUVENIR 69009 LYON , FRA


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SOFYNE Active Technology is a leading IT services company specialized in MES/MOM (Manufacturing Execution System/Operations Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)domains.

We have 200 consultants across 5 Countries (France, United Kingdom, Swiss, Poland & Portugal), ensuring our Customers can tap into the power of the Industrial Internet and the Industry 4.0 disruptive concept.

The acceleration of product customization, regulatory constraints, cybersecurity, etc., are currently putting more pressure on industrial processes.  SOFYNE Active Technology is certified with the international standard ISO27001.

The principles of Industry 4.0, or digitalization of the industrial process, provide proactive solutions to overcome these disruptions. SOFYNE Active Technology is present to help our clients evaluate, administer, and maintain these new solutions by implementing MES/LES systems, which allow for strategies to surpass any new challenges.  Our mission to our clients is to improve the effectiveness of the management of production activity, optimize quality, control logistic chains and production methods.

Our teams have accrued experience from a myriad of projects since 2005.  This acquired knowledge is what enables us to best understand how these evolutions impact your information systems.

Partner Highlights

Business Consulting

Industry 4.0 is the DIGITAL revolution for manufacturing companies. Our Business consulting team is focused on new market trends. They will help you improve your understanding of all new concepts as well as benchmarking your processes, aligning and defining the best opportunities in these Industry 4.0 projects: MES/MOM, Global traceability, Analytics, PLM, 3DExperience Solution Selection.

Implementation & Deployment

Once your requirements defined, our highly experienced MES & PLM teams will advise you on implementing your project to keep focus on your core business operations. Depending on your needs, we may engage from a single consultant to a cross-functional & technical team to deploy the software solution fully customised to your requirements and help you with Go-live activities and Change management.

App Maintenance & Virtual Hosting

To support your new project after Go-live, we can provide 24/7 Support. Our expertise includes App maintenance, Evolutions development, Release management, Migration services, etc. Our offers are designed to secure the achievements and improve the performance of your PLM/MES teams and tools.



Consulting and System Integration

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