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Atheer is the pioneer in Augmented Interactive Reality (AiR™), combining the power of 3D augmented reality with gesture-based computing interaction to unlock human productivity. Wearing our Atheer AiR SmartGlasses, the industry’s only mobile, gesture-controlled see-through smart glasses, you can see information critical to your workflow overlaid onto the real world, interact with it in a natural way, and collaborate with your peers like never before. Leveraging the Atheer AiR Platform, developers and companies around the world are creating enterprise productivity applications, starting with aerospace, industrial, medical, and oil & gas segments, bringing their workforce into the 21st century.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

A Unique Customer Value:

  • Higher productivity and safety through hands-free interaction with 3D content on-the-go 
  • Visualize 3D models and instructions in the field of view
  • Interact with 2D and 3D content with natural hand gestures 
  • Share workspace and content with peers for faster collaboration and decision making


Example Use-Cases:

  • Aerospace assembly worker to access DELMIA manufacturing instructions and CATIA models hands-free inside plane under construction
  • Automotive worker trained for assembly line by simulating workflow steps and instructions in the actual environment
  • Oil and Gas worker on an oil rig to share live video with back office expert for timely maintenance and repair


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