3DWiFi was created by Position Imaging (PI). PI was formed in 2006 to explore the potential of using radio frequency as a tracking medium to replace the...

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Company address: 125 BREWERY LN 03801-4996 Portsmouth Rockingham NH, USA

Website: http://3dwifi.com/

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3DWiFi was created by Position Imaging (PI).  PI was formed in 2006 to explore the potential of using radio frequency as a tracking medium to replace the cameras used today in image guided surgery.  After several years of research and development, PI successfully created the first system that demonstrated this new tracking potential.  During this development, the company made several discoveries that showed the potential of a system that could utilize standard WiFi hardware for this new tracking functionality.  Several years and design iterations later, 3DWiFi and a new way to engage with the digital world were born. 
3DWiFi is a patented technology that takes a unique approach in tracking wireless peripherals and mobile devices with extremely high accuracy in three dimensional space.  The technology leverages the current wireless hardware used by devices today. 3DWiFi’s key functional advantages over current tracking solutions are independence of line of sight and lighting conditions, no perceived latency, ability to work in large areas, and low cost. 

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3DWIFI provides precise real-time 3D position tracking of a person or object in large scale environments, enabling intuitive and immersive interaction with a 3D virtual world. By combining the virtual with the real, it allows Dassault Systèmes V+R applications to connect virtual data with people and equipment in the real world, and provide the right information based on highly accurate location information.  

The technology can be used to improve virtual/augmented reality experiences, input device interactions, and indoor tracking applications.  3DWIFI can equip any facility to provide the best in class position tracking accuracy and enable true scale visualization applications in large working areas without the use of markers or cameras.  Imagine a facility that can provide a visualization platform that is proportionally superimposed to the physical world viewed by the user.  

3DWIFI’s unique ability to accurately fuse a virtual world with a users’ real world over large environments enables a new way to collaborate while improving training procedures, simplifying equipment maintenance, improving security, and simplifying various facility inspection activities.  With 3DWIFI, facilities and buildings become more intelligent, alerting when something needs attention and now, with 3DWIFI, users can be both guided to where a problem is and then shown, step-by-step, how to fix it! 



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