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Mind7 Consulting is an innovative Consulting firm.Since its creation, Mind7 Consulting has achieved continuous growth and built strong partnership with...

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Company address: 6 RUE DE ROME 75008 PARIS , FRA

Website: http://www.mind7.fr/en/

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Mind7 Consulting is an innovative Consulting firm.

Since its creation, Mind7 Consulting has achieved continuous growth and built strong partnership with world-class software vendors such as Dassault Systèmes.
Our goal is to help our clients reach better performance.To do so, they need to “Understand and Act”.

This is what we help them do.

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Today, more than ever, companies must be performant and reactive. They must continuously evolve and adapt. But organizations and more particularly operational teams, are facing unprecedented volumes of information.

Between their own information, procedures and tools and the data coming from other entities, clients or suppliers, it is sometimes difficult not to get "lost" and it is even more complex to build a global and transversal vision of a topic.

Mind7 Consulting helps its clients Understand and Act.

Our specificity is to combine two complementary dimensions :

- on the one hand, tools to capture, handle and capitalize on information,

- on the other hand, methods, coming from Quality to take the right decisions, improve and transform.

It is by combining these two dimensions that is possible to improve durably organizations.


Mind7 Consulting has built a unique set of methodology and expertise on Dassault Systemes’s Exalead.

We identify, for our clients, those data and information that are truly useful as well as the relative use cases to fully benefit from it.

By doing so, we build the best Search Based Applications (SBA’s) to take advantage of available information.



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