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Company Description

Founded in 2009, Sculpteo offers customers a fully online 3D printing service and the opportunity to convert 3D files into 3D printed objects. The Sculpteo online platform is designed to make this new technology easy and accessible to all by offering an e-manufacturing service customers can print objects in a range of materials. Sculpteo prototype bureau offers a top-quality service to professionnals. Just upload your 3D file, choose the size of your object and the material to get an automatic quotation and a date of delivery. You will receive the object in a couple of days. Sculpteo offers 45 materials and finishing online, including plastics, alumide, metals and even ceramic. In addition to affiliates, Sculpteo can outsource its production to 3D Print facilities physically located close to end users. Sculpteo also owns its 3DPrinting facilities in Europe. Sculpteo is also provinding a 100% white label solution that can be deployed under your own brand as a natural part of your product portfolio.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Sculpteo provides technical tools to check and evaluate your CATIA and Solidworks model before ordering your printing:

  • 3D viewer
  • Solidity control depending on the size of the model and the material chosen
  • Automatic on-line quotation

A dedicated customer service answers to your request within 24h and provides you technical advises and specific quotations for materials on-demand.

Used with 3DVIA, Sculpteo is the right solution to propose 3D-Printing to your customers. You can easily add a 3D Printing button into your website on your App, to offer a service or to produce bespoke objects. Check the MWOO experience to create customizable figurine and see how 3DVIA Studio and Sculpteo 3D Printing can be combined into an incredible offer!


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