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Company Description

Itekube designs and manufactures multitouch equipment for public spaces such as showrooms, lobbies, retail stores, museums, tradeshows, and industrial sites. 

Our equipment enables high-quality 3D rendering of architectural projects, large and complex objects such as planes or automobiles, or more simply presents catalogs or websites in an intuitive and interactive manner. 

Our flagship product, EVA Multitouch, has a large 46 Multitouch LED screen with a MS Windows 7/8 powerful CPU+GPU to allow for great multimedia and 3D rendering including Catia models. 

It can be transported easily while being very robust and is just high enough to accommodate wheelchairs; it is also totally skinable with a simple sheet of printed paper or film that can be inserted underneath its transparent cover in minutes. 

Itekube can also assist its client with multitouch software development.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Itekube and Dassault Systemes are working on enabling fun and immersive 3DEXPERIENCES to a wide audience in public spaces through multitouch interaction.

  • Optimizing 3DS Software and Itekube integration to enable plug-and-play experiences
  • Improving on multitouch usability 

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