Company Info
29, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau 75001 PARIS

Phone : (033)1 40 26 74 24
Fax : (033)1 46 08 08 03
Web : http://www.volfoni.com

Company Description

Founded in 2007, Volfoni offers a wide variety of 3D technologies for all 3D applications from 3D Cinema to Virtual Reality and engineering. Volfoni stands apart in the 3D industry by offering active and passive 3D solutions through their ActivEyes glasses, EDGE glasses and SmartCrystal 3D polarizer modulators. Volfoni maintains control over its entire manufacturing chain, from R&D to mass production, and has offices in France, the U.S., Germany, Spain and Hong Kong. The company is proud to count a team of world-class scientists as well as engineers, technicians and designers allowing for one of the fastest product development in the industry. With the utmost attention to quality, Volfoni products are appreciated by the most demanding users because they fulfill, in a creative way, the constantly changing demands of the 3D industry.

Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Volfoni considers partnerships as a key element to fulfill its commitment to perfection. We offer our partners a preferential access to our Research and Developement resources, and develop with them the most efficient solutions for Stereoscopic 3D Visualization.

Our ActivEyes line of professional 3D glasses and emitters is a perfect example. They offer bright and colorful image viewing through wide, lightweight and color accurate lenses, along with an interference-free RF synchronization layer designed to collaborate with IR tracking systems.

They are a perfect match to Dassault Systems immersive visualization tools. They provide your engineers and scientists with the most efficient and confortable 3D experience for their Stereoscopic workstations. 

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