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Alioscopy was founded in 1999 by Pierre Allio, who pioneered in glasses-free 3D displays and multiple view camera systems as early as 1986. Since then, a portfolio of patents covering all aspects of this groundbreaking technology has been registered internationally. Alioscopy employs twenty people in France, Singapore and the United States. Headquarters and European showroom are located in Paris.

The technology is based on the combination of an image multiplexing algorithm and a high precision array of lenses very accurately positioned on top of an LCD panel. The outstanding features of Alioscopy 3D displays (depth span, brightness, sharpness, contrast and color) combined with the efficiency of our production and playback software have garnered international recognition and praise worldwide.

Alioscopy 3D displays can be used for eye-catching advertising and entertainment, but also for CAD, prototyping, training, and more generally for many real-time 3D applications, when 3D adds value.
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Technology Partnership Agreement/Immersive Virtuality Network

Value Proposition

Dassault Systèmes provides a variety of 3D software with stereoscopic 3D abilities. Among those, 3DVIA Virtools is first to support Alioscopy 3D displays. Thanks to this joint development, any existing 3DVIA Virtools database can be viewed in "naked-eye" 3D, delivering immersive, high-impact, interactive real-time 3D experience and enhancing industry or game productions. Displaying 3DVIA Virtools content on Alioscopy 3D displays offers the benefit of glasses-free 3D visualization without the burden of cumbersome glasses, improving collaborative work.

Designers can use Alioscopy 3D HD 24" close-view displays to work on their desktop while project reviews in front of large audiences can benefit from Alioscopy 3D HD 47". All it takes is to use the new 3DVIA Virtools interface designed to monitor depth parameters in the scene. Autostereoscopic 3D will help understanding complex data and give viewers a greater immersive experience. Combining 3DVIA Virtools with Alioscopy's cutting edge 3D displays will push the limits of your imagination.


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